January 30, 2022

Why did I choose to become Vegan ?

I tried the pescatarian diet for about 1,5 year before I turned fully vegan, this is a diet where the only animal protein you eat is from fish. I already noticed my body being a bit healthier and it became easier to maintain the same weight. After 1,5 years I decided it was time to try vegan. So I quit eating fish and started trying all the meat replacements available and found out there are many options for vegans. I'm not an extremely strict vegan, this means that if I eat at someone's house and they have some dairy in their meals like cheese or butter I will eat it, but I do not under any circumstances eat meat.

If you are doubting to become vegetarian or vegan I would recommend doing it step by step don't try to do it all at once because it may be a little overwhelming. First try to cut out the red meats, the next step could be poultry and fish and the last step can be dairy if you choose to become vegan.

Ps. Keep it simple! Your meals don't have to look very different than usual. Try to replace the meat for a protein rich substitute like beans, soy, pea protein, hemp protein, or a blend of different plant based meat replacements.

Let me know if you have any questions so I can help you become more aware of the options.