January 30, 2022

Some people are against training while pregnant, others are working out until the last week of pregnancy. What do I recommend?

  • Listen to your body, it sounds cliche but don't force anything especially during pregnancy
  • Don't do ab workouts, it can cause a lot of issues, I'll do another blog on that subject.
  • Less intensity, try working out between 60-80% of your standard intensity
  • Stop at least a month before going into labor, your body needs rest and full focus to prepare for labor.
  • Don't use pre workouts, don't drink more than a coffee a day. It can cause problems.
  • Try doing static exercises towards the end of your pregnancy. Don't jump, or do too many dynamic movements. Machines can be very helpful instead of doing free-weight exercises.
  • Try pregnancy yoga, it helps with lower back pains or other muscle aches.
  • Eat enough protein and use the right vitamins (more on which ones in the next blog)

let me know if you have questions so I give answers in the upcoming blogs.